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Whether you need a quick and unforgettable way to capture your cherished moments or you want to bring your 'Pinterest' event board to life, we have the Photo Booth for you! 

MirrorMe Booth - Event impression-11_edited.jpg


Simplicity is bliss. With the 'Creative' base package, your event will be one to remember without all the work.


Let us take your vision, relieve the stress, and create a custom experience fostering everlasting memories. 

MirrorMe Booth - Event impression-2_edited.jpg
MirrorMe Booth - Event impression-2_edited.jpg

Endless Creative

Wanting to take your event to the next level? 'Endless Creative' Includes all 'Creative' base package features.


Pick and choose exactly where you would like to spend your money,  customize your features, and amplify your event. 

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Get In

Let the fun begin!

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