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Cornucopia - (Kawr-nuh-koh-pee-uh) Endless Abundance

My name is Taylor Brooks. I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Colorado which fostered my appreciation of looking for details. While getting my BA in criminal justice, I worked as an Event Manager, and continued to evolve and foster  my keen eye for seeing the 'small things'.

When starting my business I wanted to capture the essence of laughter, memories, and endless innovation. Thus, the name Cornucopia Creative blossomed.

The purpose of my business is for my clients to have customization with guidance. Offering limitless possibilities without overwhelming choices. Providing top quality, unique, and memorable experiences at a reasonable and transparent price. 

Taking your vision, and a load of stress off, creating everlasting and seemingly abundant memories for you and your loved ones to share for a lifetime.


Tell us your vision and let us make it a reality! 

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